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Architecture Department of Kyong-Ho Engineering has performed numerous projects with its accumulated technical skills and know-hows. With its technical skills and know-hows, the Architecture Department is recognized for its professionalism in construction design and participated in various projects, such as city fundamental facilities, plants, private and public constructions. Kyong-Ho's Architecture Department will continually provide high quality and innovative designs to create better places where people can live pleasantly.

    • Project name
    • Lohas seafood base complex
    • Location
    • District of Yeongdeok
    • Client
    • District of Yeongdeok
    • Project dates
    • 2012.01-2012.07
    • Description
    • Location of property: Gyeongsangbuk-do yeongdeok-gun ganggu-myeon geumho-ri Plottage: 148,864㎡ Total ground area: 7,100㎡ Purpose: Education research facility Size of building: B1-3rd floor building Design Concept: Marine products processing/Manufacturing This agricultural industrial complex is built to reduce distribution cost and to create production and sales synergy effects between tenants through systemized distribution
    • Project name
    • Chungju multi-sports town
    • Location
    • City of Chungju
    • Client
    • City of Chungju
    • Project dates
    • 2013.08-2014.03
    • Description
    • Location of property: Chungcheongbuk-do Chungju-si Hoam-dong Plottage: 310,124㎡ Total ground area: 34,645㎡ Purpose: Sports Complex Size of building: Four-storeyed building Design Concept: This construction project is to create a sports complex for 2017 National Sports Festival and to build a sports town that can vitalize province of Chungju as a mecca of sports through creative, functional, and reasonable design
Project name Project dates Client
Detail Design Naecho-dong Truck Public Garage Construction Project 2019.03-2019.09 City Of Gunsan
Basic Design and Detail Design Services for Beami Public Parking New Construction Project 2019.01-2019.06 City of PyeongTaek
Chungju multi-sports town 2013.08-2014.03 City of Chungju
Lohas seafood base complex 2012.01-2012.07 District of Yeongdeok

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The implemented projects
  • - Education and Research facility
    - Culture and assembly facilities
    - Athletic facilities
    - Office buildings
    - Commercial building
    - Apartment
    - Welfare facilities
    - Automobile related facilities
    - Government Buildings
Engineering service
  • - Designing and Planning
    - Analysis and Feasibility Study of Development Project
    - Turnkey design
    - Proposing technical skill advice
Other Field
  • - Posting design competition