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In order to expand its business globally, the Overseas Department of Kyong-Ho Engineering has been unceasingly participating in the overseas engineering projects over 20 years with its new technical skills and professionalism. The department has been concentrating on the projects in Asia and South America and, to become the best global engineering company, the Overseas Department will make endless efforts to expand its business into other parts of the world, such as Africa, America, and Europe with our well-trained engineers and the accumulation of technology.

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Nation Project name
India India Smart City Project Promotion Strategy
Columbia Establishment of Marcro Project (MP)
Vanuatu Civil Engineering Design Service for Port Vila City
Bolivia Boliviana Banegas Bridge over the Rio Grand Construction Project
Nepal RDF Facility in Lalitpur City Project (FS, Preliminary Design and DED)
Norway Gjovik Incineration Plant Project
Laos Loas Development Project from Nohay to Banvang

In progress

Nation Project name
Philippines Panguil Bay Bridge Project (CD and CS)
Marikina Dam Project (FS and DED)
Pampanga IDRR-CCA Project (DED and CS)