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R&D Department was founded with the vision of elevating Kyong-Ho Engineering Co., Ltd as the leading engineering company in the world and its goal is to become an specialized and efficient engineering company though the development in engineering technology. Furthermore, R&D Department will continually contribute to national development, advancement and cost reduction of the national infrastructure through partaking in National Research and Development projects, developing new technologies and patents in construction, civil engineering, environment, and plant areas.

New Technology

New Technology Name No
Ribbed mold and waterproof method of PE-panel Construction new technology No. 80: Nov. 03, 1997
Sample collecting method in river bed using cylindrical open-close sampler Construction new technology No. 100: Apr, 09, 1998
Landfill sorting equipment using double backlashing screen sorter Construction New Technology No. 161: Apr. 08, 1999
Advance sewage treatment technology using aerobic return of return sludge and dissolved oxygen reduction [KHBNR Technology] Construction New Technology No. 303: Oct. 09, 2001
Advance water treatment technology using reduction of anaerobic, dissolved oxygen Environmental New Technology No. 36: Oct. 19, 2001
Advance water treatment technology using reduction of anaerobic, dissolved oxygen Environmental New Technology verification No. 38: Oct. 19, 2001
Continuous measurement of Ozone Demand and auto control equipment of Ozone process New Technology [KT Mark] No. 1472: Sep. 08, 2003
Ozone technology, automatic control of dosage on the net consumption of ozone- Advanced Water Treatment Plant (Kct) New Technology No. 384
Efficient operation technology of advance water treatment plant through real-time water control and performance assessment of unit process Construction New Technology No. 605: May 31, 2010
Composite girder method having tampered structure by combining concrete paved section of open box with upper side of I shaped cross section Construction New Technology No. 646: Mar. 09, 2012
Precast Concrete Bridge Decks method for using waveform and wire shear reinforcement ribs and consolidated haunch (Rib-Deck method) Construction New Technology No. 751


Patents Name No
Delivery wall of protective structure in slope face and construction method Patent No. 086463
Synthetic resin mold panel Patent No. 087984
Grass germination promoter in slope face Patent No. 089520
Vertical multi-stage low-emission thermal rotary-kiln Patent No. 128985
Sliding Slope repair methods Patent No. 153498
Construction method of water tightness concrete structure using synthetic resin with one ribbed side Patent No. 0194071
Construction method of water tightness concrete structure using inner construction material panel Patent No. 0218175
Optimal method and equipment for process of intermittent batch reactor by auto measuring nitrate nitrogen and non-oxygen consumption in real time in process of biological waste water treatment Patent No. 0247321
Tarpaulin construction method Patent No. 0248484
Heavy and light water separating device buried in landfills Patent No. 0250854
Sediment sampling system of rivers and appealing floors Patent No. 0269885
Landfill soil screening device Patent No. 0273840
Local Scour protection of bridge piers periphery of the circular bed with a disc Patent No. 0308743
Water drains through the tank leak-proof method Patent No. 0339919
Instruction to heat-sealable polyethylene joint panel instruments and equipment Patent No. 0351614
Reinforced joints Patent No. 0355494
Waste water treatment apparatus and method Patent No. 0365448
Tree planting protection support frame and a protection method using permeable concrete Patent No. 0365449
Automatic control system and method of the ozone oxidation process using the second step and the high ozone demand Patent No. 0373511
Automatic control system and method of the ozone process and advanced oxidation processes using the CT control Patent No. 0373512
Automatic control system and method of the ozone oxidation process using a process with high ozone consumption rate constant Patent No. 0373513
Construction methods of excavation vaulted structure in the subway construction and common duct Patent No. 0390369
Waste water purification unit Patent No. 0394997
Internal recycle flow rate control system of the waste water treatment apparatus Patent No. 0434639
Atmospheric inhalation device of downtown street and method of atmospheric inhalation using the device Patent No. 0464187
Membrane roof structure with air pressure relief means Patent No. 0464188
Atmospheric diffusion device of downtown street and method of atmospheric diffusion using the device Patent No. 0466958
Wind falling prevention and ventilation device of elevated building Patent No. 0529218
Road with two-step wind protection Patent No. 10-0655464
Sectional lightweight synthetic resin deck plates Patent No. 10-0659969
Sectional lightweight deck plates Patent No. 10-0673415
Lighting Device for Tunnel Patent No. 10-0675120
Waterproofing method of concrete structure Patent No. 10-0675120
Tunnel lighting apparatus using optical fiber Patent No. 10-0699275
Road with windbreak Patent No. 10-0709473
White smoke Reducing System using Self-resonance Oscillator Patent No. 10-0775948
Windbreak using the plant with water storage Patent No. 10-0827361
Monitoring device of Taste and Odor Matters (2-MIB) in drinking water treatment and method Patent No. 10-0883035
Monitoring Method and Apparatus of Filter Bed Expansion in drinking water treatment Patent No. 10-0899763
Water Treatment Process System in acetic acid producing ability and real-time performance monitoring system Patent No. 10-0919919
Variable Geometric Wind Stopper System Patent No. 10-0925804
Reinforced Construction Method of breast wall for grass planting Patent No. 10-0968518
Batch ecological prefabricated reinforced retaining wall Patent No. 10-0980817
Improved workability prefabricated to secure ecological and eco- space holding type reinforced retaining wall and the building process Patent No. 10-0980818
Prefabricated reinforced soil retaining wall holding a batch type and its construction method Patent No. 10-0991849
Treatment method of organic waste water Patent No. 10-0992912
Cohesive and Adhesive Type Multi-Plate Complex Waterproof Sheet and Its Construction Method Patent No. 10-1007560
Integrated waterproof insulation of rigid insulation and waterproof coating and waterproof sheet Patent No. 10-1013399
Floor construction method for the pool and fountain in the park Patent No. 10-1014383
TP [TP] existing clarifier improved sewage treatment apparatus and method for improving removal efficiency Patent No. 10-1027719
Recording unit of the wall and its construction methods and building structures Patent No. 10-1030731
Recording systems for the wall and construction method Patent No. 10-1033876
Sewage treatment system of the multi-layered structure Patent No. 10-1044710
A boundary stone and concrete structures containing boundary stone base and gutter to be used in civil engineering works and landscaping but critics landscaping and road construction apparatus and method Patent No. 10-1050205
A device that prevents accumulation of sludge sedimentation Patent No. 10-1063263
Road with heat island reduction function Patent No. 10-1070783
Moving belt type sludge remover Patent No. 10-1087672
Advanced sewage removal, (t - p) altitude of it, settling existing treatment system and method Patent No. 10-1087673
System and Method of Decide Making for Hydrologic Circle in a city Patent No. 10-1107890
Water pump and water quality improvement system Patent No. 10-1108533
Closed conduit structures for rain water Patent No. 10-1112083
Rainwater purification and storage apparatus combining green area Patent No. 10-1122040
Assembling rainwater - storage - block having function of water purification Patent No. 10-1122535
Prefabricated trees retaining wall for slope protection Patent No. 10-1134536
Elevation recording facility and its construction method using expanded metal being constructed on an existing retaining wall Patent No. 10-1141197
Wall recording device and its construction method Patent No. 10-1142352
Excellent closing assembly and initial boiling point contaminants apparatus including the same excellent for early separation Patent No. 10-1191304
Weir's overflow depth measurement device Patent No. 10-1216519
Eco-friendly construction method and the balls scour protection Patent No. 10-1221465
Energy independence type fast water supply Patent No. 10-1311167