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"Challenging the infinite technology."
It is the strong will of
Kyong-Ho experts.

Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co. Ltd., which was established in 1991, handles various comprehensive designs, construction inspection, and maintenance of the structures with the belief of becoming the cornerstone of Korean construction and engineering. The company also provides technical services on infrastructure facilities, such as road, water and sewage, city planning, water resources, transportation, landscaping, land substitution, architecture, waste, recycling enterprise, and geographical feature. Based on 24 years of various experiences and accumulated technical skills, Kyong-Ho Engineering has performed over 3500 designs and constructions with 480 remarkably skilled employees including 100 architects, technicians, and 20 engineering doctors. Furthermore, Kyung-Ho Engineering also obtained over 80 registered invention patents throughout the years. Through constant researches and studies to create echo-friendly and bountiful environment, Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co. Ltd. is continuously recognized as a trustworthy company that has outstanding technical skills by its clients; moreover, Kyong-Ho Engineering has been designated as an excellent outsourcing company since 1998. Additionally, to become a company that produces innovative ideas and technology, Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co. Ltd. will continue to work at its utmost for its clients and society through top technology and quality.

Chairman Kang, Ye Seok